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Please join us for

"Documentation,  Photo, Video Practice, Project"

On the Hesper in Silver Bay


July 21 - 22, 2012

Please Note:  The diving will not take place on the S.P. Ely because of the lack of visibility.  Instead we will dive the Hesper and the Madeira From the R/V Preservation!!

This event will be a fun adventure allowing participants to practice shipwreck documentation, photo and video skills, working with others and some guidance from the project leader.

We will use the GLSPS boat, the RV Preservation as the platform for the project / fun dive and, the shipwreck Hesper as the focus. We will participate in underwater surveying of the Hesper and discuss opportunities to help preserve the ship. Participants will use their photo and documentation skills to help present their ideas. We can also practice our rescue / first aid skills with a mockup emergency.

Crew Preparing for Skills Dive

Divers Waiting for Next Task to Practice

Diver Discussing an Issue they encountered

The Big air Hog Compressor used to Run the Air Tools

R/V Preservation Used For Diving Operations for Most GLSPS Projects

If you are interested in joining us on this Project, please click on link below to register now.

Documentation, Photo And Video Practice - 7/21/2012




If you have any further questions, please contact Bob Nelson with any of the information below.

Bob Nelson

Project Leader







 "Documentation, Photo and Video Practice Project"

Project Report  July 21 - 22, 2012


June 25, 2012 - Email was sent out to invite any GLSPS Member.


July 2, 2012 - One more invite to members email was sent.  Project wasn't filled up yet.


July 10, 2012 - members registered to fill all but one of the spaces.


July 16, 2012 - A final email was sent to those that registered for the project.  (2- cancelled which may have cause us to cancel)


July 18, 2012 - One more registered on the project.  We have our minimum of divers registered.


July 19, 2012 - The last email was sent to the participants to inform them of the visibility issues since the Duluth and North Shore flooding that took place.  We were only going up to work on the boat for a bit and then just perform some local diving a long the North Shore such as the Hesper and Madeira.  


We all meet Friday evening and went to Northern Lights restaurant to have dinner.  The salad bar is great!  The food too.


Participants on the project:  Bob Nelson - Leader and diver, Phil Kerber Captain / Operator of the R/V Preservation and diver, Paul Imsland Crew and dive assistant and diver, Lee Fredrickson diver, Jim Christianson diver. 


Saturday July 21, 2012:


7:00 AM - Wake up call.  Cruised to divers dock in Silver Bay Marina and loaded equipment.  


8:00 AM - performed boat briefing and moved the boat to the marinas fuel dock.  Fueled up and proceeded to the other side of the break wall  where the Hesper shipwreck is located.


8:30 AM - Conducted a pre-dive briefing and assigned dive teams.


9:00 AM - Prepared dive team one for the first dive with instructions on the monitoring. 


10:00 AM:  Dive team one returned and reported that the Hesper hasn't suffered any substantial deterioration or damage to the wreck with in the last year..  Measured and documented the rudder and engine mounting rods to check for deterioration.


10:15 AM - Send dive team two to monitor the aft section of the shipwreck.  Start filling dive team one air tanks.


 11:12 AM - Second dive team returns from dive.  Continued filling air tanks.  The second dive team reported that the bilge pump on the Hesper was tipped over and needs to be up-righted again.



12:00 AM - Break for lunch and discuss any changes to the Hesper shipwreck.


2:00 PM - First dive team prepared for a second dive and submerged at 2:30 PM


3:00 PM - First dive team returned with no further information on any more deterioration on the Hesper. 


3:30 PM - Second dive team prepared for the second dive.


4:00 PM - Second dive team submerged and reported the same as dive team one.


5:00 PM - Departed for Silver Bay Marina for Dinner.  We went tot he Camp 61 (Formerly Beaver Bay Inn) to have dinner.  The food was great (especially the ribs that Bob N ordered.  It is  great place to eat.  We highly recommend it.  Plus the owners Todd and Carol seem to be interested in what the GLSPS does to preserve maritime history.


10:30 PM - Lights out on the R/V Preservation.


Sunday 6:30 AM - Wake up call for those wanting to take a shower. 


8:00 AM - Departed from Silver Bay to cruise south to the Madeira.


9:00 AM - moored boat and dive team one prepared for dive and submerged.


Please note:  the next week the will be the monitoring project so no monitoring took place other than our observation taken b video or by visual.


9:30 PM - First dive team of Bob N, Lee F, and Jim C, were sent to observe the Madeira shipwreck bow section.


9:45 AM The first dive team returned and discussed the bow section deterioration of the wreck and documented this.  Started filling air tanks for first dive team.


10:30 AM Second Dive team of Paul Imsland and Phil Kerber were sent and Phil K shot video of the pilot house and other areas of the shipwreck Madeira.



11:15 AM - Dive team two returned with video and discussion about the pilot house that might need some repairs soon. Continued filling air tanks.


12:00 - 1:30 PM - Lunch break. and completed all air tank filling.


2:00 PM - First dive team of Bob n, Jim C, Lee F and Paul I prepared for second dive.  (Phil Stayed on board to watch boat and for a later dive on the Charlie Anchor).  This dive was on the stern of the Madeira.  


2:30 PM -  First dive team returned to report no changes in the stern that they could see.  then started filling air tanks.


3:30 PM - Completed filling air tanks of the divers that will be diving the Charlie Anchor.


4:00 PM - Departed the Madeira wreck site and headed north to the Charlie Anchor site.


4:30 PM - Located the position close the the Charlie Anchor then dropped our own anchor and set it.  The Charlie Anchor was near by but not exactly located.  Phil K had to go down to find the anchor.  Phil found it within 5 minutes by following the reef at 75 feet and traveling to the west.  Tied off his wreck reel and ascended to the surface to gather Jim C to dive with him on the anchor and shoot video of the anchor that was attached back in 2008 and as a report to make sure the anchor was still secured to the bottom of Lake Superior.  Shot 5 minutes of video and completed the dive after collecting the wreck reel.


5:00 PM -Departed the Charlie Anchor wreck site and headed back to Silver Bay Marina to unload equipment and prepare for departure to the Twin Cities.


6:45 PM - Installed and wired the port side tachometer sensor.  Then started engine to test it.  Tachometer is now functioning normal.  The two year long issue has finally been resolved!!


7:00 PM - Departed for home.


Thank everyone that participated in this project.  We had a new member Lee Fredrickson, join us on this project and he had a great time learning about shipwrecks and diving them.  Lee enjoyed it so much he can't wait until the next time he can join us again. 


The main objective of the Society is to have new members (or old members that have never joined us on a project) register for future projects.  We don't like it when people confuse us a a good old boys club.  We encourage poeple to join us and participate in the projects we provide every year by registering.  Unfortunately you will still need to become a member if you are not already.  This is to be fair to the rest of the members.


All participants had a chance to learn Monitoring and documentation procedure using either a still camera or video.  Much was learned by the group including first aid procedures,  boat and dive briefings, properly using check lists and following the protocol (S.O.P.) the GLSPS has established for perform the proper techniques to help preserve underwater shipwrecks.


A good time and learning experience was had by all, even the new member Lee Fredrickson had a great time!


Here is a link to the pictures we took on this Project.  A video will be produced in the future so please check back.



Documentation - Photo and Video Practice Project 2012


Thank you again for your support and participation in helping preserve our maritime resources.



Bob Nelson

Project Leader


Phil Kerber

GLSPS President


GLSPS Board of Directors