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GLSPS Introduction to Documentation Course

July 7, 2012


Crosby Mine Pits in Ironton


 Would you like to learn underwater archeological site survey and mapping?

Please read below description of project if you are interested in joining us for this great course. 

Divers Plan for Dive and Survey

Divers Prepare for the Dive to Document An Artifact

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society has been doing more underwater archeological site survey and mapping for placing shipwrecks on the National Register of Historic Sites and for historic area mappings. To help attain trainer divers to participate these projects the GLSPS is presenting this class on underwater shipwreck documentation.  The cost is only $10.00

This is your chance to learn new diving related skills and get involved with exciting GLSPS projects.

The Course will allow you to learn the skills and practice the Documentation of an underwater shipwreck by drawing to scale underwater, measuring with tri-lateration, and transferring the information to a site plan once on shore.

The course will take place in Lake Louise at the Crosby Pit Mines in Ironton.

If interested and save your spot, please Click On the Link Below to Register ASAP. 


GLSPS Introduction To Underwater Documentation - 7/7/2012

Please join us for a great learning experience.

Bob Nelson



GLSPS Introduction to Underwater Documentation

Project Report

6-15-12  First email blast to entire membership to invite any member to join us for this very valuable Course.

6-25-12  Bob Nelson and Dan Lewandowski travel to Wisconsin to learn more about Underwater documentation with Archeologists Tammy Tompson, and Keith Meverden from the Wisconsin Historical Society and Russel Lietz from the Wisconsin Underwater Archeology Association (WUAA).  They will be writing a curriculum on the course when they are out there spending time with them.

6-30-12 - One more email was sent to members asking them one more time if they wanted to join us and register for this project.

7-05-12  - An email was sent to all registrants for this project to inform them as to what they needed to bring to the project including diving gear and if they were going to be staying up there over Saturday evening that they are responsible for the own lodging / camping.

7-07-12 - Day of the project:


9:00 to 10:00 AM:  Project classroom started on the shore of Lake Louise pit.

10:30 to 12:00 noon:  Underwater documentation skills started and finished.

12:00 to 1:00 PM:  Lunch break

1:00 to 4:30 PM:  Diving and measuring continued until completed.  

5:00 to 6:00 PM:  Results from measurements were studied and put together to learn how the scaling was achieved and to produce a drawing of an object or shipwreck.

7:00 PM:  Dinner / BBQ at camp site with a camp fire to debrief about the day.

10:00 PM: Lights out at camp.  (So you can have fun on Sunday and to dive safely).

Sunday, 8:00 AM:  Breakfast and fun diving in what ever pit everyone would decide to dive.

4:00 PM:  Pack up and head home for the weekend.

We hope you had a great time and learned a lot about underwater documentation.

We also hope to see you on a future project involved with using the documentation skills you just learned.

Bob Nelson

Project Leader

Dan Lewandowski

Assistant Instructor

Please Note:  More of the report will be added as the results come in.