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GLSPS Annual Fundraiser!!

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Date and Venue for 2020 UMSAT Show!!

April 3 - 4, 2020

Emmy Award
Winning Underwater Videographer!
Becky Kagen Schott

Friday Night at the Movies
7:00 to 10:00 PM

Saturday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Main Show

(Meet and Greet Party with Food and Beverages)
At The Holiday Inn Hospitality Room
(Next Door to Jimmy's)
7:00 PM to 12:00 AM

For more information on the 2019 UMSAT show, and the upcoming 2020 UMSAT Show, please visit

If you are interested in joining the UMSAT Show Planning Committee, please email us at

Or, contact Mary Lillimo at "Show Chairperson", or Phil Kerber, "President", at

Here are the Links to Important Exhibitors Documents

2020 UMSAT Show Exhibitors Contract

UMSAT Show 2020 Exhibitors Sponsors Registration Form

  UMSAT Booth Table Layout at Jimmy's Event Center

We are always looking for speakers that would like to present a great topic about their scuba diving or adventure travel experiences.

Please let us know if you, or anyone you know, would like to be a star and speak at a future UMSAT Show!

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GLSPS Project Sponsors

Air Down There Scuba offers free air fills and special pricing on rental equipment while participating in GLSPS projects. Required to show GLSPS Membership Card! 
Thank you, Scott and Tracy!

Aquaventure Dive and Photo Center offers free air fills and special pricing on rental equipment while participating in GLSPS projects. You will be required to show your GLSPS Membership Card.  They have also loaned us a GoPro HD video camera for a few projects. Thank you, Steve and Jolene!

Videos produced by Steve at Aquaventure Dive and Photo Center filmed in Lake Michigan on a Milwaukee charter trip. Click on their above logo for information to join them on a charter to visit these shipwrecks.
Prins Willem
The Dredge 906

Jay Hanson from North Shore Scenic Cruises has helped the GLSPS on many projects. Jay has many years of experience as a Captain, dive shop owner, dive instructor and commercial diver.

Jay has taken a different path for the past few years and his scuba charters are no longer available. However, in 2012, Jay purchased the Wenonah which was previously used to transport people from Grand Portage, MN to Isle Royale, MI. He now offers day cruises on the North Shore of Lake Superior and is docked at the Silver Bay, MN Marina.

For the last two years the Wenonah has been laid up in dry dock to replace the entire steel bottom of the boat in order to pass the Coast Guard Safety Inspection. 
The Wenonah will hopefully be ready for service in 2020.

If you are interested in booking a 2 hour - day charter cruise on the North Shore of Lake Superior, please click on the logo above for information on joining him and his staff on a north shore day cruise.

HomeRV Preservation Work Weekend 2013


R/V Preservation Work weekends - May 18 - 19 & 25, 26, 27, 2013


Membership Harbor and River Cruise - BBQ June 2, 2013




R/V Preservation in the Slip at the Spirit Lake Marina

R/V Preservation on Boat Lift the Day of the Launch

Ready for Another Season of Projects

Jim Christain Repairing and Painting Hull Bottom

GLSPS Members Enjoying BBQ

GLSPS Members Enjoying Cruise Around Duluth and Superior Harbors

For more Pictures of the "2012 Launch and Harbor Cruise", please click on link below




The GLSPS has their own research vessel to use as a dive platform to facilitate most of our Underwater projects.  If you have a boat, you know how much work it takes to maintain it.




The GLSPS would like to invite any of the members, their friends and companions to join us during the two scheduled weekends to prepare the boat for the upcoming season of dive projects.       

Please contact Ken Knutson, (Boat Committee Chairman) or Phil Kerber if you are interested in helping us work on the boat this spring.  Or, to learn more and view the tasks list of what needs to be completed on the boat before it is launched, please click on any of the dated links below.

On Sunday, June 2nd, and after the initial launch and shakedown, any member and their companion / spouse are invited to join the GLSPS for a cruise on the Scenic St Louis River and Duluth / Superior Harbor.  We will be leaving at 10:00 AM and returning at 12:00 PM Noon to join us for a appreciation BBQ for members that join us.  (Bring your camera's)!


If you would like to join us in helping prepare the R / V Preservation for the season, please click on the link below to register for the weekend (s) that would work the best for you.  Or, you can also contact Ken Knutson, or Phil Kerber by phone.  Our phone numbers are listed below and on the "Contact Us" web page by clicking on it.

To view the tasks list that needs to be completed on the boat before launch, please click on either one of the work weekends of choice below.



You can also view the GLSPS 2013 Programs and Projects Schedule by Clicking on

"2013 Projects" on left side of this Page.




 If you have any further questions, please contact one of the below project leaders.

Ken Knutson

Boat Committee Chairman


Phil Kerber

GLSPS President



R/V Preservation Closing Report

The first weekend only two volunteers worked on the boat to prepare it for the season.  We had a large list as usual which is always the case for a vessel like this.  We like to make it as trouble free and reliable as possible since it travels all the way from Spirit Lake Marina to as far north as Isle Royale.  The back to Spirit Lake Marina for winter storage.  If you own a boat yourself you know the importance of maintaining you boat as well, especially boats that are on the big waters. 

We are not only performing the necessary yearly maintenance, we also try to make improvements to the boat every year if feasible.  The improvement this year was adding a new Hummingbird "Down - Imaging" sonar / depth sounder.  We will be able to locate non buoyed shipwrecks much easier and can also be used for locating other anomalies on the bottom of the lake.  It will be quite an improvement from the last depth sounder we had.  We also have a depth sounder in our GPS Chart Plotter for redundancy.   

The first weekend ken Knutson and Corey Daniel had to perform a redesign on both engines for the fresh water system to the engines.  We talked and manufactured the redesign last fall and through the winter months the boat was in winter dry dock..  We then installed the new design on both fresh water pumps that feed water into the heat exchangers to cool the engines.  If we make a change on one engine, we perform the same change on the other engine for redundancy.  Each engine has its own pump.  The newly designed system will take more vibration and will be easier to buy parts and repair it in the future when and if the time would come. 

Ken and Corey also changed the oil on both engines and did other needed tasks.

The next weekend which was Memorial Weekend, Bob Nelson, Jim Christainson and Phil Kerber performed all the rest of the
tasks on the boat to complete the list and ready the boat for launch the next weekend, June 1, 2013 and the Membership BBQ and Cruise.

To view our task list we performed on the R/V Preservation this year, please click on the "Event Calendar" on the first weekend May 19 and 20, 2013.

Here is the final List of tasks that were completed before launch day:

RV Preservation Work Weekends Tasks and Results

May, 18 – 31, 2013




This will be the second weekend of preparing the R/V Preservation for the season.  If painting is needed, this would be the weekend to perform this task since it will hopefully be warmer and dryer.  Please check list below to see what still needs to be finished form the previous week.  Painting will be one of the tasks for sure.   Please check back to see the list after the May 18 & 19 weekend.


Tasks that need to be performed on the R/V Preservation for 2013:


Items marked with a (*) are completed:

1. Prepare and paint red waterline around boat. 

*2. Grind, clean and repaint areas on boat that are rusted.
3. Complete the fresh water hot water heater installation.
*4. Prepare and Paint the very top of the boat where the radar is and where the Dingy is stored. (White in color).

5. Assess steering gear in rear bilge for fall removal and to rebuild over the winter. Re-install again in the spring 2014.

6. Replace starboard transmission output seal. (Starting to seep a bit).

7. Replace prop shaft seals on both shafts. (Order new ones during the summer of 2013

*8. Change both fuel filters on both engines (4 total).

*9. Change oil in both fuel injection pumps.

*10. Recheck seal leak on rear shaft of starboard engine fuel injection pump. (appears OK for now, watch over the season.

*11.Installed both brass props, stainless steel keys are stored in the orange water proof case in front (Head) compartment. (Second weekend project.)
*12. Inserted legal paper work, license registrations and Insurance info in designated areas.

*13. Install new sonar/ depth sounder with extra 10 ft cable.

*14. Install water muffler for Scuba Compressor.

*15. Grease both rudder posts and linkage.

*16. Check steering gear fluid level, used 80w-90 GL5 gear lube.

*17. Replaced batteries in CO sensor, smoke detector, bilge heat sensor and digital clock.

*18. Pressure washed entire outside of boat.

19. Add another coat of paint to rear deck.

20. Reseal (with silicone caulking) on bottom of wall.
21. Prepare and Paint back wall and door.

*22. Prepare head system (chemical toilet) for use.

*23. Inspect all fire extinguishers - Date and sign tags.

*24. Inspect and install all safety equipment on boat including the First Aid Bag, AED, O2 pack, extra O2 bottle.

*25. Check wiper blades and wiper motors operation.

*26. Clean and vacuum all carpet (after all volunteers have left).

*27. Ground off rear main door edge to get it to close

*28. The top on the radar mast has some rust.  It would be good to clean that up prior to installing the radar dome so it doesn't streak.



Scuba Compressor Service:  (Beginning Hours - 84)


*1. Change Oil in 5 HP Honda Engine with Amsoil 10w - 30 Synthetic Small Engine Motor Oil.

*2. Chang Oil in Bauer Compressor - with human grade synthetic oil.

*3- Remove, lines and filter canisters and O2 clean them, and repack filter canisters with new chemicals on both primary and secondary filtering systems.

*4. Check paper air filters on both compressor intake and boat intake hose that leads up the the radar mast.

*5. Check belt.

*6. Check all hoses for wear and any damage. 

*7. Check CO Monitor to see if still showing pink (Which is considered OK).

*8. Check all bleed drain valves.

*9. Clean any Debris and dust from external parts of the compressor.

*10. Add one more support to water muffler on opposite side.

Thank you to all that helped get the boat ready for the season.

Ken Knutson
RV Preservation Chairman