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 Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society

Dedicated to Preserving our Shipwrecks and Maritime History
"From Prevention to Preservation"

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2022 Projects / Programs Schedule

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2022 Project Schedule

Please Note:
The Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted and a lot of the public have been vaccinated.
Although new Variants of the Covid have been reported.  The GLSPS will take all 
precautionary measures to ensure the best safety procedures for participants

The RV Preservation Research Vessel

Will Still Be LAUNCHED!!

There will be a few minor changes to participate in a Project on-board the vessel. 

1. The capacity of each project might be reduced.

2. There will also be changes to the Liability Release and Waiver Forms.
Although they are much easier to complete because now they
are Online and you will only be required to complete one per year. 

Please click on link to the Online Forms in each Project Description
or the link below.

3. Members will be required to complete the Online form 36 to 24 hours before boarding the
RV Preservation Research Vessel.

4. All participants will be required to be vaccinated.

5. If you are feeling sick, coughing, sneezing a day or more before the event,
you will need to cancel your registration!

Participants on board the boat will not feel comfortable with a person coughing or sneezing
in a tight environment.  Please be mindful of others.

Please contact the "Project Leader" if you have any questions or need 
additional information about a Project or Program 

GLSPS Programs and Projects include activities for both diving and non-diving members.  

You need to be a member to participate in any project (s) aboard the R/V Preservation.

Please check with the project leader if you have any questions; most projects will have something to do for anyone!

See the Project Sponsors listed on the left menu of this website for free air fills and equipment rental discounts while participating in GLSPS projects!

Please Note: projects are subject to change, postponement or cancellation at any time due to weather, underwater visibility, R/V Preservation location or availability, volunteer participation, project personnel scheduling issues, or other reasons.  Registered project participants will be contacted by email if any changes occur.

If you would like to print your own Schedule, please click on the scrolling tool bar printer icon to the right of this page. 

Date Project Contacts Phone
February 19
Level 3 & ID
Ice Dive on Lake Minnetonka - 3D Video Practice on the Street Car Boats

Phil Kerber - Project Leader
Phil Kerber - Equipment Manager
March 6 - Dec 31
Level 1
Essex Mast Restoration Project "Ongoing"
Currently on hold because of the timing
Ken Merryman - Project Leader
March 17
Level 1
 First Response - First Aid - CPR - AED - O2 Advanced Re-Certification   Phil Kerber -Program Leader 612-720-2825
April 1 - 2
Level 1
Upper Midwest Scuba & Adventure Travel Show 2022
The 2022 UMSAT Show was an in-person show this year
Mary Lillemo
Bob Nelson
April 9
Level 1
Phil Kerber - Project Leader
April 23 -24
Level 1
S.S. Meteor by Nicole M
Photo by Phil KerberPhoto by Nicole M
Phil Kerber - Project Leader
Megan Meyer, SPM - Co- Project Leader
May 07 –08
Level 1
Jim Christenson - Project Leader 612-578-1551
May 14 -15
Level 1
Ken Knutson - Project Leader 612-578-1551
May 21 - 22
Level 1
Phil Kerber - Project Leader 612-720-2825
May 28, 29, 30
(Memorial Weekend)
Level 1
RV Preservation Work Weekend # 4 Phil Kerber - Project Leader
May 28
Level 2
(Collaboration with BSA Venture Crew 820 & the GLSPS) Dean Soderbeck - Project Leader
Ken Lillemo - Co Project Leader
May 28 - June 12
2 Week Project

Level 5 & 6
Hamilton - Scourge 2022 Monitoring Program
Canceled this year or postponed until 2023

Carrie Sowden - Project Leader
Using Ken Merryman's Private Boat

June 04
Level 1
R/V Preservation Launch And Captains Training
Please Note:  This Event depends upon completion of the preparation work performed on the RV Preservation

Phil Kerber - Project Leader
Phil Kerber - Captains Trainer
June 5
Level 1
R/V Preservation Shake Down Cruise
Please Note: This Event depends upon completion of the preparation work performed on the RV Preservation.
The original date was June 4.  However weather delayed the painting and other outside tasks and the launch was June 5.

All Captains
Phil Kerber - Trainer - Observer

June 5
Level 1
Membership BBQ and Harbor Cruise Canceled - Weather Delayed Launch of the Vessel & Lack of Participation.
For the people that worked on the preparation of the RV Preservation and to show the members that the boat is ready for another season of projects.
Jeff Lee
Ken Knutson
Phil Kerber
June 11 -12
June 18 - 19 (Fathers Day Weekend)?
Level 1 & 3
Corey Daniel - Boat Captain
Tim Pranke Project Leader


June 18 - 19
Level 3
 Grand Marais Harbor Survey
Steve Daniel - Project Leader 218-349-8028
July 09 - 10
Level 3
Madeira and Hesper Monitoring Project

Corey Daniel - Project Leader
Corey Daniel -Boat Captain
July 30 - 31
Level 2/3 & TUD
Intro to Shipwreck Diving
(Collaboration with BSA Venture Crew 820 & the GLSPS)

Dean Soderbeck - Project Leader
Corey Daniel -Boat Captain
Jeff Le Moine - Crew
August 11 - 14
(August 15 = Weather contingency)
Level 3, 4, & ARC

Photo by Jim Christenson
Jack Decker - Project Leader
Tim Pranke - Co-Leader
Phil Kerber -Boat Captain


August 20 - 21
Level 2 & 3

Scuba Palooza 2022

This is a Shore Dive Weekend Event at
Lake Ore-Be-Gone. GLSPS will be represented with a booth.
Dean Soderbeck -Project Leader

August 27 - 28
Level 2 & 3
Jack Decker - Project Leader
Phil Kerber -Boat Captain

Sept 11,
Level 2 & 3
Underwater Basket Weaving Fun Dive
(Collaboration with BSA Venture Crew 820 & the GLSPS)

Dean Soderbeck - Project Leader 651-216-8596
Sept 17 - 18
Level 1 & 3
Cruise RV Preservation Back to Spirit Lake Marina in Duluth
Removing / Collecting Mooring Buoys - (Work and Fun Dives)
Corey Daniel -Boat Captain & Project Leader 218-349-8028
 Sept 17
Level 1
 Mc Dougall's Dream Fundraiser - Superior, Wisconsin

S.S. Meteor by Nicole M
 Megan Meyer - Program Leader  715-394-5712
September 24 – 25
Level 3 & 4
Andrew Goodman - Project Leader

Phil Kerber -Boat Captain

October 01 - 02
Level 3 & 4
Andrew Goodman - Project Leader

Phil Kerber -Boat Captain

October 02
Level 2
(Collaboration with BSA Venture Crew 820 & the GLSPS)

Dean Soderbeck - Project Leader
Jeff Le Moine - Co-Project Leader

Please Note:

  • Group size is limited on most projects so feel free to call the Project Leader to discuss opportunities.  They can provide a detailed description of the project, what your time commitment will be as well as any requirements for participation. A detailed description and registration for each project is available by clicking on the name of the project in the above schedule or via the Events Calendar.
  • Registration is required for each project to secure your spot!
  • Any youth between the ages of 10 and 17 years old that has their Official Dive Certifications, will need to have a Parent or Guardian sign the Liability Releases, Waiver and Medical Forms 24 hours before the event.  A Parent or Guardian must be present with the youth on-board the RV Preservation.  A Dive Master, Instructor, Parent or Guardian must be able to supervise the youth while diving.  (In the water supervision).
  • All divers will need to provide all their own cold-water diving gear including scuba tank and redundant air supply.
  • The Tools and Techniques Class completion is required whenever stabilization work is necessary.
  • Since these are work projects, supplies and fuel are provided by the GLSPS.  Food expenses will be shared by the participating members.
  • Each project has a Project Level associated with it.  Please check the index below to see if you qualify.
  • It is required to have your own health insurance to participate in projects.
  • DAN diving insurance (or equivalent) is highly recommended and may be required to participate in certain projects.
  • Liability Releases are required for each participant.
  • Please Note:  If you ask for forms at the boat, we will not have any extras since the process is online now.  You will not be able to attend or dive that day.  A 24 hours grace period is required.  DON'T FORGET YOUR FORMS!!

Project Levels:

  • Level 1 – Non Diving Project or Program
  • Level 2 – Basic Open Water Scuba Certification - 20 Logged Dives Minimum - Max 60 feet
  • Level 3 – Advanced Open Water Certification – 30 Logged Dives Minimum - Max 120 Feet
  • Level 4 – Technical Diver / Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures - 60 Logged Dives Minimum - Max 150 Feet
  • Level 5 – Advanced Trimix / Open Circuit and Rebreather Deep Diving
  • Level 6 - Special Project - Restricted to invitation only because of special requirements  
  • TUD - Tune Up Dives
  • ARC - Archaeology and Drawing Class Recommended 
  • TT - Tools and Techniques Training Required
  • OE - Overhead Environment
  • ID - Ice Diving Certification Required to dive but not limited to Surface Crewing

Yearly Summary:

  • In April every year, (the last weekend in April) we plan a joint above water project between Superior Public Museums, WUAA, LSMMA, and the GLSPS.  It involves a weekend of preserving and stabilizing the S.S. Meteor Whaleback on Barkers Island in Superior, WI.  This is an above water project for all non-divers and divers to enjoy.  (Although encouraged, you do not need to be a member to join us)!
  • Three to five weeks before Memorial Day, we begin preparing our project boat, the R/V Preservation, for summer projects on Lake Superior.  If interested in joining us to help prepare the boat, please contact us.
  • The first weekend of June is when all the fun begins.  We launch the R/V Preservation, perform the annual shakedown cruise on the boat then a thorough review and training session for all Captains to keep them sharp. After that weekend, the GLSPS transports the RV Preservation to Silver Bay Marina where it stays close to most of the dive projects.  the GLSPS encourages registering and participating in our various projects. All programs and projects are educational, entertaining, fun and ultimately rewarding.
  • The GLSPS would also like to hear if you are interested in becoming a boat Captain for the RV Preservation Research Vessel.  This requires being a crew member for about a year.  Go through the USCG Boating Skills and  Seamanship Class (It is 6-weeks long one night a week) and at least 60 hours of running the vessel with one of the other Captains.  After that criteria is met, the Board of Directors vote and the President of the GLSPS signs you off.  After all that, you  will be required to write your Resume' to send to Insurance Company to be assigned as a Captain on the RV Preservation.  If interested, please let one of the current Captains know.  They will be happy to start you off as a Crew Member and build from there.
  • We offer an Underwater Tools and Techniques Procedures class whenever there is enough demand. Please let a Board Member know if you are interested in taking this class. The GLSPS will only run the class if we have six or more students.
  • June through the middle of October is when our underwater projects occur. As most of these projects occur in or near Lake Superior, a common launch point is on the R/V Preservation, docked at Silver Bay Marina in Silver Bay, MN. (North of Two Harbors) or Spirit Lake Marina where the boat ends up at the end of the season for the last few projects and winter layup.

Members, this is your opportunity to get involved and participate! The GLSPS research vessel, the R/V Preservation, will be available for use on many of our projects.  Divers must have a certification from basic scuba diving to Advanced Open Water Diver or comparable experience, depending on project level. (See levels above).  Stabilization Projects will require proprietary training and skills with preservation techniques and underwater tool handling.  The GLSPS will offer this as demand allows.  If you are interested in any of the above projects, please contact the project leader or any of the Board Members.  Sign up early as projects can fill up very quickly if a group decides to join.  Please remember, any of the above programs and projects can be changed, postponed or canceled at any time because of weather, underwater visibility, scheduling, or lack of personnel or volunteers. 

If you have and idea, suggestion or want to become a program or project leader, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your ideas. 

We hope GLSPS Members will be able to join us as a volunteer on these projects.  We are certain you will find the projects educational, informative, are very organized and most of all, have a lot fun.  So please join us as a member and on a Program or Project.  You could make a difference in helping preserve maritime history!

Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society - Board of Directors, 
Committee Chairpersons
Project Leaders