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HomeMcCargoe Cove Underwater Site Survey 2011

McCargoe Cove Archeological Documentation and Survey 

August 5 - 10, 2011

McCargoe Cove Isle Royale Satellite View
Picture Presented to the GLSPS from Randy Beebe's Research for the Project

McCargoe Cove Inlet Isle Royale Michigan
Picture Taken by Randy Beebe

Rock of Ages Lighthouse Isle Royale Michigan
Picture by Randy Beebe

Isle Royale Shoreline with Moose Rack
Beautiful !!!
Picture by Randy Beebe

McCargoe Cove Archeological Survey Dive, Isle Royale

 August 5-10-2011


The goal of this project will be to accomplish an underwater archeological survey in McCargoe Cove at the Isle Royale national Park.  Divers will be looking for and documenting artifacts from a long range of history, from pre-historic copper mining, the fur trade, the War of 1812, fishing, and 19th century copper mining.  Depths will range from very shallow work down to about 40 feet.  Skills used will be underwater navigation, photography and tri-lateralization techniques.


We will be using the Amygdaloid Ranger Station as a base of operations so we will have the use of a dock, can set up tents, will have a water supply and a fire pit.  In addition to diving this is a beautiful place for hiking and exploring.

If this Project peaks your interest and you would like to find out more about the project before signing up, please contact Randy Beebe.

Randy's email is  His cell phone number is, 218-525-0571

This Project is already filled up.  If you still would like to learn more about this project, please click on the link button below.
Please check back from time to time to catch up on the latest changes and advancements to the project.  This is also the first stage of the project.  We will continue this project for the next few years until completed.  So please register early.

PLEASE NOTE:  Because of the intensity, distance and the remote location of this project, a slight $80.00 fee is asked to pay to cover mostly the food and some fuel for the boats. (Please pay by credit card)

Please print, read and sign the GLSPS Master Liability and Waiver Forms and bring them with you and hand into the Project Leader or a GLSPS Representative.  Please note:  Please prepare your forms before you arrive at the Marina / or boat (R/V Preservation).  This will help speed up the process at the dock before we depart.   

Randy Beebe
Project Leader / Researcher


Project Report

August 5 - 10, 2011

2011 McCargoe Cove Survey Crew
(Photo by Beebe)

April 5, 2011

First blast email sent to GLSPS Members to Announce the GLSPS McCargoe Cove Project that was approved by the Board of Directors.  The Project will be Scheduled for August 5 -10 , 2011.  On the events calendar on this website.


Email blast sent out to Members about why the project is needed.


Email blast sent to members to indicate what we are going to do, requirements for the project and gear / equipment needed.


Email sent to attendees of the Project one week before on a final plan as to what where and how we are performing this project.

A second email sent the same day to indicate the legalities of the project with a link to the Liability and Waiver Release Forms.


Email sent to attendees about a piece of equipment built by Todd Lindahl  and Don Minuay  to aid in the underwater documentation of the artifacts.  (See Attached picture below)


E-mail sent to 2012 attendees updating plans to use the PRESERVATION and to confirm the dates for the project

Measuring Grid used by crew on the McCargoe Cove Survey Project

(Photo By Randy Beebe)


An email was sent to attendees  to make sure all divers clean their gear thoroughly to prevent the introduction of invasive species into McCargoe Cove.


An email sent to attendees to bring an extra tank if they had one available.  Extra tanks would cut down on the noise caused by the scuba compressor use on the boat near the Island.  A noise restriction is enforced on the docks at Isle Royale National Park.

August 5, 2011

McCargoe Cove Survey Project began today.  Loaded up the two boats, the
R/V Preservation and The R/V Arctic Fox with dive and documentation equipment, cameras, remote sensing equipment,  and other provisions such as food and drink for the crew.  We then cruised 6 hours over to the North end of the Island to McCargoe Cove.  Docked at the teams base of operations, the Amygdaloid Island Ranger Station for permitting and registration.  An orientation was  presented by the Isle Royale National Park Cultural Resource Manager Seth DePasqual and project leader Randolph Beebe.  The day ended with Bob Nelson cooking a great meal and an evening by the campfire discussing the next days dive plan.

August 6, 2011

There were two separate missions planned on this date and the group was split into two separate teams.  The
R/V Preservation departed the dock at Amygdaloid Ranger Station early in the morning with 5 out of the 6 of the available divers to begin a systematic series of dives covering the bottom of McCargoe Cove locating and document any cultural artifacts that were found.  It was decided that due to previous historic activity and water visibility the teams would work from the North end of the cove and move in a Southerly direction

While the dive teams were busy with the underwater survey the second team, using WolfsHead Research's boat the
R/V Arctic Fox and Imagenex side-scan sonar, surveyed the entirety of the cove using both the 300khz and 800khz resolutions.  All of this data was recorded for future ground-truthing dives to identify any anomalies that were found.

August 7-8,2011

On these two dates the dive team was split evenly between the two boats and a series of dives were made systematically surveying the Cove bottom.  It was during these dives that the methodology and procedures of the survey were fine tuned using input from all of the GLSPS members and the National Park Service.  Once the crews became comfortable with the survey techniques progress sped up considerably and quality  data was being collected on artifacts by combining diver description, U/W photos and GPS coordinates.

August 9, 2011

On this, the last day slated for underwater work, the divers were once again divided.  The divers on the
R/V Preservation continued the survey work and the R/V Arctic Fox, with 3 divers, conducted follow up dives on selected side-scan sonar anomalies. The teams were once again combined for follow-up dive briefings and evening relaxation at Amygdaliod Island

August 10, 2011

This was the planned date to cruise back to Grand Portage, but due to high winds out of the NW it was decided to postpone the crossing for a day.   The day was spent organizing paperwork and data and exploring Amygdaliod Island.

August 11, 2011

After an early morning departure the
R/V Preservation and the R/V Arctic Fox had an enjoyable cruise back to Grand Portage in calm seas for the end of the McCargoe Cove Survey project. The team had a productive and immensely enjoyable time working on this interesting  project in one of the most beautiful and interesting places on the Island.

Boats tied up for the night
 (Photo by Beebe)

Please Note:  A detailed Report is not available at this time.  The NPS and GLSPS are not a liberty to reveal what was found underwater at McCargoe Cove and to protect the artifacts.  The NPS and GLSPS will give a full detailed report on the artifacts when the project is completed and permission is granted.

Thank you to all that helped on this project!

Randy Beebe

Project Leader

  Report Completed - 8-21-2011