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The GLSPS Reaseach Vessel RV Preservation is Now Ready for the Season

Phil Kerber | Published on 6/10/2024
After four weekends and many hours spent to prepare the RV Preservation for the 2024 Season of projects, we are finally ready.

This year was a bit challenging for the staff of the Boat Committee as we had a lot of painting to perform.  The bottom of the hull had to be prepared for bottom paint as it has been six years since the bottom paint was applied.  We had to remove spot rusting and grind down to the bare metal in many spots.  Then paint on multiple coats special epoxy primer and finish with two coats of blue bottom paint.  

The bottom painting wasn't all that had to be painted.  The starboard side hull from the bow to amidship the paint was peeling down to the first layer of red, when the boat was painted that color over 25 to 30 years ago.  We had to grind it down to bare metal as well.  We added primer then two coats of white paint.

The painting took the lions share of the four weeks we were able to work on the boat.  So other items didn't get completed until the last weekend, which was when it was launched.  Thankfully, a lot of the prep work can and would be performed when it is in the water.  Except for the engines maintenance,  which we were able to complete the first weekend we were there.

We were able to cover 98% of the items that were needed to provide a safe, reliable, maintained properly, and comfortable vessel for our members.  The 2% that didn't get completed were placed on a to do and wish list for us to perform at a later date.  None of these items are necessary at this time.

In closing, the boat is in ship shape and ready for another season of projects.  Please check see the details of what tasks were completed throughout the four weekends by clicking on the "Projects" button in the pull down menu on the front page.  Then go to the project "RV Preservation Work Weekends", then the most current year.

The boat will be cruised to Silver Bay Marina, June 22, 23, 2024.  If anyone is interested in joining us for a two day cruise diving three shipwrecks along the way and helping install the three shipwreck mooring buoy's,  please let us know or register to participate.

We hope to see more members participate in a project this year.  The boat is quite a benefit of being a member!  The Society spends a lot of time and money to make sure the vessel is always maintained properly and meets the safety standards of the US Coast Guard and our own safety Protocols.  Please join us for some fun and learning experiences with Diving, Photography, Videography, 3D Photogrammetry, Documentation and Monitoring of the shipwrecks along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Thank you for your support!

GLSPS Board of Directors

Phil Kerber President