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GLSPS Presents 2011 Annual General Membership Meeting

Published on 11/18/2011

The GLSPS Presents it 2011 Annual General Membership Meeting Tuesday, November 15, 2011.



The meeting started out by everyone helping themselves to snacks provided by the GLSPS.  Then the GLSPS President Phil Kerber, started with presenting to the members what the GLSPS has accomplished throughout the 2011 season of projects.


Phil then presented the Board of Directors Election results indicating that that all nominees were re-elected.


The new Board of Directors elected for the next two years are:


O Tom Brueshaber

O Paul Imsland

O Ken Merryman

O Bob Nelson



Congratulations to the re-elected Board of Directors!


After the Official business of the GLSPS was presented, we introduced the special speaker for the evening,  Steve Daniel, one of the GLSPS standing Board of Directors and Put It Back (PIB) Chairman.


Steve gave a talk to the General Membership on all the Projects the GLSPS performed in 2011.  The GLSPS scheduled 19 Projects total for the 2011 season.  We Completed eight above water Projects and six Underwater projects.  Unfortunately, we had to postpone or cancel 5 projects on the account of the weather or not enough people to commit to helping on the projects. Peoples / members time seemed to be a factor in the scheduling this year.


We also talked about what we will be proposing for projects in 2012. 


After the presentation and a rather lengthy discussion on future projects, we adjourned the General Membership Meeting and mingled with folks the rest of the evening and to welcome any new members.


Thank you again for all your support in the past and in the future.


Best regards,


GLSPS Board of Directors