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The GLSPS Launches the First Project of the Year

Published on 7/6/2012

The GLSPS launched the first project this year.  The project was about the introduction of learning how to measure a shipwreck to help document it for historical reasons.


The project was presented by Bob Nelson and assisted by Dan Lewandowski this year.  Bob and Dan have taken training from the Wisconsin Historical Society.  Each year they continue their training and hone their skills for a week with Archeologists Keith Meverden and Tamra Tompsen.  They both present a course to who ever would like to take it.  Bob and Dan take the course every year to help learn new procedures and brush up on their previously learned skills for documenting shipwrecks.   


Bob and Dan wrote the curriculum for this course to give to the members of the GLSPS.  Only three registered for the project.  Hmmm??  Seems funny there wasn't a bigger turn out?  As  a member, you certainly do not want to miss this course.  It is very informative and where else can you learn these skills?


The course was held at the Crosby Ironton Mines in Crosby near Brainerd MN.  It make a perfect setting for this kind of course.  The mines have sunken objects such as large recreational boats, cars, trucks and other structure.  It worked out so well that we are going to have another course work shop again next year. 


To learn more about the project, please click on the link button below to bring you to the report on the project. 


GLSPS Introduction To Underwater Documentation



(If the project report is not there yet, please check back later).


If you are interested in documenting a shipwreck and would like to learn skills you can't get anywhere with out paying big money at a University as a degree, please register for the project when it become available again next year.  The GLSPS will send an email notice when it does become available for you to register for.


Thank you Bob and Dan for taking on the leadership role of designing this course.


Those that joined us, we hope you had as much fun as we did.


Bob Nelson

1st Vice President

 Project Leader