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The GLSPS Had Another Successful Mc Cargoe Cove Survey Project

Published on 8/18/2012



The GLSPS and Randy Beebe had a very successful Mc Cargoe Cove Survey project on Isle Royale.  After much planning and moving the R/V Preservation up the North Shore to Grand Portage the project started on time and with out any delays.


The personnel on the project helped  in every way to make this project a success by digging in and performing the tasks that Randy Beebe, (Project leader) laid out for them.  Randy had help from Seth Depasquel from the National Park Service.  Both Randy and Seth worked together to survey this cove and cover as much underwater territory as possible.  


To learn more about the project an exclusive report will be available son this website soon.  Please check back for time to time to read about the survey conducted in Mc Cargoe Cove.  


Here is a link to the current report.  Mc Cargoe Cove Survey Project 2012


Thank you to all that participated and for your continued support in the name of preserving Maritime History.


Phil Kerber

GLSPS President