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 Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society

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"From Prevention to Preservation"

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The GLSPS Completes the 2013 Programs & Projects Schedule

Published on 1/31/2013

The GLSPS had a 2013 Programs and projects planning meeting January 15, 2013.  All GLSPS members that had a project or idea of a project met that evening to discuss whather we can perform this project and how it can be financed and how and if the project or project idea could be implemented.

We had many suggestions of projects including the repeat and ongoing projects we have every year.

All members can start registering for the projects the day of our show and from that point forward.

If you are a member, and are interested in joining us on any programs or projects, please click on this link to bring you to the 2013 Programs and Project Schedule.  The click on the the name of the project and it will bring you to the details about the project.  If interested in joining us, just simply click on "Register Now" and register for the project.

There is a small fee for each project to cover food.  Please have your credit card ready to enter when registering for a project.  If you need to make other arragements for the fee, please contact the project leader.

We hope to see both old and new faces again this year. 

GLSPS Board of Directors