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GLSPS Held Another Successful Annual General Membership Meeting

Published on 1/16/2014

The GLSPS Held its 2013 Annual Membership Meeting November 26.



The GLSPS held its 2013 Annual General Membership Meeting Tuesday November 26, 2013.  This annual membership meeting was a much greater success than past annual meetings because of a few fundamental reasons.



1- The membership has represented a greater interest in people wanting to help with the volunteer efforts for different committees and projects. 

2- We are an interesting group that enjoys preserving maritime history.

3- During the summer of 2013, the interest in joining us for projects dropped off substantially.  This fall and for some reason the interest has dramatically increased. 

4- We had the annual meeting later in the month and later in the day so more members could find the time to join us this year. 

5- This needs no introduction and that is because we had Ken Merryman as our featured evening speaker.  Ken Merryman gave a presentation about the 1913 Storm of the Century and the Discovery of the Henry B Smith, which was sunk in that storm.  It was both an ironic and amazing coincidence that the finding of the Henry B Smith, just so happened to be 100 years ago.  Ken also showed rare and first time underwater video footage of the Scotiadoc with drop cameras.  AMAZING!!



Phil Kerber (GLSPS President) gave a presentation at the beginning of the meeting about the 2013 programs and projects that were performed and the results of the Board of Director Elections. 


Snacks were served and a lot of shipwreck diving chatter was being discussed as well.



A great time was had by all that joined us.  We met some interesting and interested people that may step up as volunteers in the very near future.



Thank you to all that joined us for the annual membership meeting.  Please look us up soon, perhaps you too could be more active in the GLSPS.



Please don’t miss our next GLSPS Annual General Membership Meeting November 18, 2014



We also hope to see you on a project or Committee in future.




GLSPS Board of Directors