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2017 - Wilson/Mayflower - Closing Report

Phil Kerber | Published on 10/1/2017

Closing Report:

The 2017 Thomas Wilson Invasive Species Monitoring Project was cancelled because of the weather and poor visibility. We made multi-pal attempts to dive the shipwreck but we discovered it wasn't safe enough to make the dives in eight inches to one foot of visibility. We called the first weekend after attempting one dive and seeing the poor visibility. The second weekend was called because the weather had high winds and rain. We were presuming the visibility had not gotten any better at this point. The project will continue in 2018.

Despite the poor visibility and weather conditions causing it, we were still able to enjoy a nice cruise around the harbor. We visited with interested tourists as we docked the boat along the break wall. We talked about the GLSPS goals and ideals we have in preserving maritime history and protecting our shipwrecks and our cultural resources. We handed out GLSPS brochures and encouraged them to join us as members to see what we've been doing and hopefully continue to do in the future.