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2017 - Fun Dives - ADT - Closing Report

Phil Kerber | Published on 7/9/2017
Closing Report:

Every year the GLSPS invites dive shops to dive with the GLSPS on-board their Research Vessel the RV Preservation. It is our way to thank the Dive shops for participating in the UMSAT Show and as a partnership in the diving industry. The last two years only one dive shop has stepped up to take advantage of the GLSPS invite. This year for the Fun Dives Air Down There Scuba joined the GLSPS again to enjoy shipwreck diving along the North Shore of Lake Superior on-board the RV Preservation.

As usual, we had a great time diving the shipwrecks with ADT Scuba’s group of divers. Before each dive we present a detailed history of each shipwreck site, a detailed description of the site using underwater drawings of the wreck by fellow colleagues of the GLSPS. Then we dive with the participants to give them a personal underwater tour of the wrecks. We know the shipwrecks very well since we Monitor and Document them every year. There has been a rumor that there is much more wreckage to see on the Madeira than most know?? Maybe? You will have to join us for a Fun Dive to find out!

If you are a dive shop and are interested in joining us on a GLSPS sponsored Fun Dive, please contact the GLSPS at to learn more about the event and process. You can also visit our website at for more information about the Fun Dives and the schedule of events calendar for the summer season of projects. The calendar is typically available by the end of February each year. Please feel free to check the Calendar after that.

Please join us for a few fun dives and projects this coming year!