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2017 - Fun Dives - Closing Report

Jack Decker | Published on 8/27/2017
Closing Report

Crew: Phil Kerber (Captain), Jack Decker (Event Leader), Jeff LeMoine, Bob Frenchick, Tim Pranke.

This is a continuation of the GLSPS Board of Directors desire to encourage members that haven’t participated for a while, or not at all, and new members to participate and meet other members. Even though we didn't do any diving, we still had a good time!

The waves were too rough to dive on Saturday, and weren't any better on Sunday. The sky rained on us for all of Saturday. We did spend quite a bit of time talking: scuba, scuba gear, cars, dive sites, etc... By Saturday afternoon, weather conditions improved enough that we did leave the boat to do some sight seeing up to Palisade Head and inland a bit.

So, despite not being able to dive, we still accomplished some of the goals of the Board of Directors. We had a good, safe, time and got to know other members!