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2018 - EFR - Closing Report

Phil Kerber | Published on 4/10/2018
Closing Report:

Thank you to those that participated in this Class!

The Emergency First Response Class was once again a great class. The GLSPS Board of Directors have been grateful for Scott and Tracy Wemyss at Air Down There Scuba, to teach this class for us for the last 10 or so years. We really appreciate him custom designing the class for our group of Boat Captains, Project Leaders and any other GLSPS personnel that needs a re-certification every two years.

The Class started on time at 6:00 PM and we covered all the topics in the above list. For most of the crew the class was a review but there were a few folks that were in the class that haven't experienced the customized class setting. They had a great time learning more about what the organization has to be trained for, given the many remote areas we travel to for our projects. Many times the EMS is not available for 30 minutes to an hour. We need to be able to stabilize a patient until the EMS arrive.

Everyone passed the class and were re-certified. The students that took the class will receive a new certification card indicating they are up-to-date on their Emergency First Responder Certification, AED Operation and oxygen application, along with bag use and restricted air ways. The back-board procedure is always intriguing by itself.

Thank you to all that attended the class. We are grateful that we are able to offer this class to the GLSPS Members. Please remember, all GLSPS Members and Non Members are welcome to join us for this class. The GLSPS wants everyone to know how to save a life to the best of their abilities through the training available to them.

We hope to see you on a GLSPS Project this year.

Thank you again for those that participated in the EFR Class.