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2016 - EFR - Closing Report

Phil Kerber | Published on 4/6/2016
The GLSPS offers this class every other year to keep updated and with in the scope of the S.O.P. and safety protocols within the Society.

On April 6, 2016 the GLSPS offered this class to all members of the Society. Only 16 members Registered for the update class, which we are really surprised with.
This is a very important class and it is customized to fit the GLSPS requirements of remote locations we travel using our research vessel as a diving platform. We also are involved with many other activities that put us in remote areas where EMS cannot get to on a timely manor. That said, we asked Scott Wemyss of Air Down There Scuba to create this special customized class for the Society and the staff of the research vessel.

During the class we learned the new protocol of CPR and AED rescue operations. We also practiced administering oxygen to a patient at the same time performing CPR and AED if needed.

We also discussed scenarios that could happen on a dive boat and the procedures in which need to be followed to give the patient a much better chance of surviving.
At the end of our class all the students agreed they had a chance to practice each scenario to give them the confidence to attempt to save a person experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack or any other First Aid / First Responder need.
We hope one never has to use it but, if you do, one will have a better chance of saving a life knowing the proper procedures.

Thank you to all that joined us for the class. We are internally grateful that you participated in this very educational program the GLSPS offers.

We hope to see you on a project this year.