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3DShipwrecks - Cornwall

Published on 3/21/2023
We just added a unique sidewheeler to our database and website. The 174 ft iron hull sidewheel steamer Cornwall was built in Montreal 1855 and originally named the Kingston. It burned twice but was rebuilt and renamed. It went through three name changes in its 73 year career, which ended in 1928 when it was retired from service as a wrecking tug. It was scuttled off Amherst Island near Kingston, Ontario, Lake Ontario. Its walking beam engine was removed before it was scuttled but the two boilers were left aboard. Today it is a popular Kingston area dive site. The Cornwall’s sidewheels are a unique example of a feathering sidewheel in which the paddles pivot by an eccentric system so they enter and exit the water more perpendicular to the direction of motion making them more efficient. The photogrammetry required six dives in a team effort by Kayla and Durrell Martin, Matt Charlesworth and Ken Merryman. The model was built from 6,389 images of various resolutions. The link to the new model is: