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3DShipwrecks - Niagara

Published on 3/16/2023
We have just added another Whitefish Point shipwreck to our website and database. The 205 ft schooner barge Niagara was built in 1873 and mostly towed in a consort system. In 1887 while being towed by Austalasia in a fierce storm with a load of iron ore from Wisconsin it snapped its tow line and fell into the trough and capsized. The crew escaped to a life boat but that too capsized in the waves off Vermillion Point near Whitefish Point, Lake Superior killing the entire nine man crew. The shipwreck now sits in 100 ft of water and is a popular dive site in the Whitefish Point Underwater Preserve. The model was created from 4,579 images photographed by Andrew Goodman on a long DPV dive in the 2022 season. The link to the new model is: